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Here is the story, I breed Siberian Husky with another Siberian, Iam not a breeder just wanted to let my girl know what it is like to be a mom. On October 2,2009 she started to give birth, the first puppy died. So I went to La Costa Animal Hospital they took xrays and showed me the other puppy a very large one, only one other puppy. I was advised to get a C-section, they could not handle the operation because of other appointments and sent us over to another hospital.

Hayley recovering on the couch

The other hospital told us not to have the C-section. So I waited for over 11 hours because the doctor said it could take up to 24 hours for a puppy to be born.

At 1A.M. Saturday morning I rush over to the 24 hour hospital who told me not to have the C-Section, now this time I was advised to have the C-Section and have her spayed at the same time. So I approved and left went home, being up 24 hours already. I got home stayed up worried about my little Siberian Husky and fell asleep sometime in the morning.

At 8 A.M. the same morning only been asleep for a couple of hours  the phone rings and it is a nurse name Kristy from La Costa Animal Hospital the first hospital I went to. I liked this vet, they are good doctors and the prices are pretty good I have been going to them for over a year and half.

So Kristy said to me, "you said you would be back yesterday and PAY US". Since I never spoke to her personally, how does she know what I said. So I told her no, what I said was I will take care of it. I wasn't going to come back same day; I was with my pregnant dog all day. Kristy asked me to pay her I said no, she said again you can't give me a credit card over the phone. I said no I will take care of it on Monday. And once again she said are you sure you can't take care of this. You know what they made me feel like, you know that part in Good Fellas when Paulie becomes a partner in the restaurant. And Henry is narrating, "oh you had a fire fuck you pay me, business is bad fuck you pay me, oh your puppies died and your dog had to be spade fuck you pay me. You would get more respect from the mob.

This was lack of respect and greed. All La Costa Animal Hospital had to do was wait until Monday two days later, my dog wasn't out of the hospital yet.


This just pissed me off. I put a company out of business 9 years ago because they were disrespectful towards people, and they pissed me off too.

I estimate I can make them lose about 30% in sales.

Please call or email their office and tell them what you feel about the lack of respect they shown.

La Costa Animal Hospital

Phone: (760) 944-1266
Hours M-S  8-5 PST

My little Siberian Husky is resting and will recover.



Jack and Hayley



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